Budget Committee

The Philomath Budget Committee is made up of seven citizen volunteers and the seven elected members of the City Council. Citizens are appointed to three year terms. The Committee meets a minimum of three times per year beginning in April to receive and review the draft budget. They forward a recommended budget to the City Council for final approval. They receive budget updates throughout the year.

 Committee Members

City Council Members Term Expires   Citizen Members Term Expires
Chas Jones
12/31/24   Deanna Montiel
Jessica Andrade 12/31/26   Vacant
Diane Crocker 12/31/24   Mark Koeppe
Ruth Causey 12/31/24   Van Hunsaker
Matt Lehman 12/31/26   Jeff Schiminsky 12/31/24
Christopher McMorran
12/31/24   Brent Kaseman 12/31/25
Teresa Nielson
12/31/26   David Low 12/31/25