City and Urban Renewal Agency Budgets

At the June 12, 2023 meeting, the City Council approved the City’s 2023-24 Fiscal Year budget.  The budget was made up of the typical revenues and expenditures along with a few major construction projects.

In 2023-24 the City will continue with the construction of the new water treatment project (WTP).  The project is budgeted to spend $9.8 million for a new plant which will replace the City’s aged plant and more than double the potable water the City can produce daily.  It also includes a new water reservoir located next to the new WTP right off S. 9th St.  This reservoir will provide much-needed storage for treated water and added fire safety capabilities.  Construction on the water reservoir phase began in Summer 2024.

Also under construction is the Downtown Safety and Streetscapes project. ODOT has committed $8.9 million towards the $16 million project, the Philomath Urban Renewal Agency will commit $5.75 million, and $1.3 million from the City’s System Development Charges will be used for this project.  The project is designed to revitalize the downtown area, spur development, and create new jobs. Completion is scheduled by the end of next Summer 2024.

Other projects to begin and possibly conclude next fiscal year are the extension of South 16th Street to connect to 17th Street south of the Elementary School, the Council Chambers upgrade to improve public accessibility, and the construction of Cochran Veterans Memorial Park.