Street Sweeping Schedule

Currently the City will attempt to sweep every Friday.  Other days may be added/substituted on an as needed basis or as resources are available.  By no means does this policy imply that the City will sweep every street each Friday. There may be other priorities within the City in which staff needs to be assigned either all day or a partial day. Vacations, sick leave and equipment failures will also affect the sweeping schedule. 

Staff cannot sweep the entire City in one day.  Presently 3-5 days are required to sweep every street and it is dependent on street conditions.  (i.e.  Fall when there are more leaves, after sanding for ice, etc.)   Therefore each Friday, or other assigned day, the sweeper will be focused on the  high traveled most visible areas of the City first, then will move to residential through streets, then dead ends and courts or cul-de-sacs.  Streets without curbs or streets which are not constructed of asphalt or concrete will not be swept.

Streets outside of the downtown, high traveled areas will be rotated on the sweeping schedule as needed, but every attempt will be made to sweep low traveled or dead end streets no less than once every three months.  Cars, piles of leaves, garbage cans or any other obstructions that may impede the sweeper, or any other obstacle that, at the operator’s discretion, may be deemed as a hazard and possibly cause damage to the sweeper or private property, will be avoided until such obstacles are removed.  For safety reasons the sweeper will not sweep in areas where they are required to maneuver around obstacles.  The operator will report persistent obstacles to their supervisor.  The supervisor will evaluate the obstacle to see if it is an ordinance violation. The supervisor will also pass this information to the next operator so that another attempt can be made to sweep the area.

Given that Friday is the scheduled sweeping day, residents can improve the likelihood of having their street completely swept by not leaving any vehicles on the street on Fridays. This is especially true on some of the narrower cul-de-sacs where sweeper maneuvering room can be effectively eliminated by as few as two parked vehicles.