Take Me Home Program

Welcome to the City of Philomath Police Department's "Take Me Home” program."

Law Enforcement agencies nationwide have learned that addressing the issue of a missing or lost child or adult with special needs requires a team effort involving the parents, caregivers, community, and law enforcement.  That is why we feel the nationally-recognized “Take Me Home” program is a perfect fit for our community.

Since 2010, the Philomath Police Department has responded to 18 missing adult calls, 18 missing child calls, 65 runaway juvenile calls, and 159 calls related to people involved in a mental health crisis.  Having a photograph or emergency contact information for many of the people involved in these cases could have reunited families and connected people to critical care providers more rapidly.

That is why we need your help in making this new program a success!  I strongly encourage you to take a look at the attached information, and if you know a family or individual you think would benefit, get involved and help get that person registered.

Thank you for your assistance in this important endeavor.

Ken Rueben
Chief of Police

What is Take Me Home?

The Take Me Home program is designed to reunite children and adults with special needs that are lost, unable to communicate, or disabled, with their caregiver or parents.

The Philomath Police Department maintains a database specifically designed to house information that includes a photograph, demographic information, caregiver contact information, and special medical and care instructions.  Patrol officers have direct access to this information in their patrol vehicles and can query the information by name or description to locate the person's enrollment record and reunite them with their caregiver.

Individuals who may be at risk of becoming lost, disoriented, or act in a manner that could be misinterpreted by first responders, can be voluntarily enrolled in the system by a caregiver or parent.

How do I get an individual enrolled?

A person is enrolled in the Take Me Home program by completing an entry form and submitting it to the Philomath Police Department.  A digital photograph of the person is taken and the information and photo are entered into the database by Philomath PD staff.  All information is confidential and accessible to law enforcement agencies participating in the program.  ORS 192.502(4)

How much does the program cost?

The program is free to all participants.  The “Take Me Home” software program was created by SmartCOP, Inc., a Pensacola based law enforcement technology and software company, in partnership with the Pensacola Police Department.  The system is available to all public service agencies free of charge.

Where can I get an enrollment form?

You can get a Take Me Home Program enrollment form two ways:

  1.  Pick up an enrollment form at the Philomath Police Department.
  2. Download the form on this web page

In order for an enrollment form to be complete, Philomath Police Department staff will take a digital picture of the person being registered.  This can be done at the Philomath Police Department or arrangements can be made for staff to attend support sessions for those that are unable to come to the police station for their picture.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call the Philomath Police Department, weekdays, at 541-929-6911 or email police@ci.philomath.or.us.