Business Watch Program

We have started a Business Watch Program between the Philomath Police Department and concerned local businesses.  Our goal is to establish a robust business crime prevention network by providing business owners with information about crimes committed in Philomath and neighboring cities. 

In addition, this program has become a "two-way" communication network where businesses can warn or advise other businesses, and the Philomath Police Department, about scams, thefts, or other suspicious activities.

The key to this program is maintaining an accurate email communication system in order to efficiently share information.  Our goal is to have businesses email concerns to the Philomath Police Department, where we will investigate or research the issue, then distribute important information back to the program participants.  This will hopefully eliminate unwanted or excessive email traffic (we know you are busy and don't need to be bothered!!).

We have attached a Business Contact Form.  Please fill out the form and either send it to us, or feel free to drop it by the office.  Even if you are not interested in receiving emails, please complete the form so we have your emergency contact information! 

We strongly believe that partnering with businesses in our community builds valuable relationships, trust, and a safer and vibrant business culture here in Philomath.  Since starting the program, we have already seen success in the value of sharing information with those enrolled.  We look forward to working with you through this program!