Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

Neighborhood traffic management measures are a means of addressing traffic safety issues on a city-wide basis.   As traffic conditions change over time, the city recognizes that added vehicular volume, increased population, changing patterns in pedestrian traffic, and weather conditions can impact existing traffic patterns within the city.  Traffic management programs have evolved over time and can encompass a wide variety of measures and activities that can be effective in improving traffic flow through neighborhoods, and ultimately improve the safety of pedestrians and the driving public.

This policy has been established to formalize the process for citizens, police department personnel, and public officials to initiate a study and evaluation of traffic safety concerns in the City of Philomath.  The process outlined in this policy includes the identification of traffic safety issues, the initial response by the Philomath Police Department, temporary mitigation strategies and efforts, and the possible installation of traffic calming devices or traffic control devices.

Questions about the process can be directed to the Philomath Police Department at (541) 929-6911.