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Summer Sewer Rates:
  Using average winter water consumption to compute summer sewer fees is an attempt to keep sewer bills from rising when water use goes up due to outside watering during the summer.  Sewer charges during the summer months of May through October are computed on the customer’s average monthly water usage during the preceding months of November through April. Residential customers that do not have water service will be charged a flat sewer rate equal to the base fee and a volume fee of 8 units. Summer sewer average rates are applied to all residential customers unless a customer requests to be billed on actual units of water.

Underground Leaks:  If you have a leak in a pipe between the meter and the building, repair it promptly and notify the Water Department.  You may be eligible for an adjustment of up to 50% of the water charge.  Sewer charges on the water that was lost will be adjusted for those customers billed on actual units.