Council Retreat

The City Council will hold a work session retreat for a combination of training and review of the Strategic Plan.


  1. Council Development Cycle –Forming, storming and norming, oh my!
  2. Rules of the Council Overview –What I wish I knew when I started
  3. Robert’s Rules –From making motions to holding public hearings
  4. City Website Orientation –Where’s that form?
  5. Legal and Ethical Issues –There’s a wrong way to do just about anything
  6. Alphabet Soup –Acronym Challenge
  7. Council Reflections –It’s nice outside, why are you here?
  8. Lunch Break
  9. Strategic Plan Overview

Meeting Access Information: 

This work session is being held in-person at the City Hall Council Chambers, and the public is invited to attend.

Given two business days’ notice, an interpreter can be provided for the hearing impaired or those with limited proficiency in English.

Contact the City Manager’s Office to make interpreter arrangements.

City Manager's Office: 541-929-6148;; PO Box 400, Philomath, OR 97370