Oregon White Oak

American Elm tree


(Quercus garryanna)

24930 Grange Hall Road

Acknowledged in 2023


In 1973, a fallen limb from this Oregon white oak (Quercus garryanna) was found on the ground by OSU Forestry professor Mike Newton.  He counted the rings and discovered that the tree was then over 430 years old.  Located near the confluence of Greasy Creek and Marys River, it was almost surely a landmark for seasonal gatherings of the local Native American tribes (Ampinefu) and continues to be a Benton County bearing tree.  This ancient tree graced the Bennett homestead, one of the founders of Philomath College.  From counting tree rings, it can be estimated that this tree sprouted from an acorn in 1539 to become a majestic example of our native oak.