Giant Sequoia

American Elm tree


(Sequoiadendron giganteum)

1101 Main Street

Acknowledged in 2023


Planted in 2008 to replace the previous town Christmas tree (the giant sequoia cut down to make way for the Hwy 20/34 couplet in 2007), this giant sequoia was donated by Chris Shonnard of local Shonnard's Nursery.  Located on the grounds of the Philomath Museum-Benton County Historical Society, the tree is decorated with lights each December and is visited by Santa Claus soon after, a tradition enjoyed by many local families.  This tree graces the expansive lawn of the historic Philomath College building, built in 1867 and the center of the town that grew up around it.  The city was named for the college, which means "lover of learning".