Water Management & Conservation Plan

Recognizing the potential for continued growth, and also recognizing the characteristics of a water supply system based on surface waters, the Philomath City Council and Administration desire a Water Management and Conservation Plan to assist them in managing the City’s water supply and distribution system.

In recent years, the City of Philomath has obtained most of its water from Marys River, which flows eastward through the southern portions of Philomath. The City has four permits for withdrawal from Marys River, the oldest from 1939.

A well, adjacent to 11th Street north of Pioneer Street, provides a backup source for the City’s needs. When drilled in 1977, this well was a primary source of water, but water from Marys River proved to be of higher quality, and the well now serves as a secondary source. The well could be used during brief periods when summer demands exceed the capacity of the Water Treatment Plant and storage reservoirs.

Throughout this document, reference is made to the City’s August 2005 Water System Master Plan. Any reference to “Master Plan” indicates the August 2005 document.