Emergency Management

Philomath partners closely with the Benton County Emergency Services Department during emergency situations.

Linn-Benton Alert Emergency Notification System -- Linn-Benton Alert is a notification system that can call or message residents to warn them of impending or occurring emergencies as well as provide critical life-safety instructions when they are needed most.

2 Weeks Ready

Learn How to be Prepared

Community Emergency Plans

Hazards (Natural, Technological and/or Adversarial or Human-Caused)

Weather Warnings and Forecasts

Winter Weather Safety and Awareness

Wildfire Preparedness Resources

June 23, 2022, the City hosted a Wildfire Preparedness Town Hall. The panelists provided information related to wildfire preparedness. Those links can be found below. 

Interactive statewide fire danger level map 

Interactive statewide public restriction map 

NFPA Firewise USA

ODF West Oregon District Facebook Page

OSU Extension Fire Program webpage

Past webinar resources and recordings 

Extension publication catalog for wildfire

OSU Fire Program: Facebook; Twitter @OSUFireProgram; and YouTube