Police Clerk

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What telephone numbers do I call to reach the Police Department and other Municipal Offices?
    EMERGENCY Dial 911
    Non-emergency Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm call (541) 929-6911
    Municipal Court & Violations Bureau call (541) 929-5111
    All other municipal information call (541) 929-6148
  • How do I obtain police/accident reports?
    Public Record Request forms are available at the police department front counter, Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. Please telephone (541) 929-6911 to be sure that your report is available prior to making your trip. There is a cost for all reports, according to type and length. Ask for details when you call.
  • Will the Police Department tell me if there is a warrant for my arrest?
    Only Philomath Municipal cases.
  • What is the speed limit in School Zones and how do I know when children are present?
    The speed limits in school zones in the City of Philomath are 20mph. Speed limits can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so watch for speed limit signs. In 1997 the Oregon Legislature defined "When Children are present" to mean: when it can be reasonably assumed that children are at school. It is important to understand that you do not have to see the children and the law covers any school activity.
  • Does the Police Department concentrate on certain roadways where speeding vehicles are a problem?
    Yes, police units are assigned to enforcement details when complaints are received about a specific area.
  • Do I have to appear in court on a traffic citation?
    No, you may use one of the options on the backside of the citation or contact the violation bureau at (541) 929-5111.