Annual Water Quality Reports

You will be pleased to know that in 2023, Philomath drinking water met all federal and state drinking water standards. Providing our customers with a safe and reliable supply of high-quality drinking water is a primary goal of the Philomath Public Works Department. Our commitment to water quality excellence has in many cases carried us beyond state and federal requirements. This annual report is intended to provide current information about your drinking water and some of the programs and technologies that make it among the safest in the world.

During 2023, 209.1 million gallons of drinking water were produced by the three facilities, up from 179.7 million gallons in 2022. Approximately 92% came from the treatment plant. The plant produced an annual average of just over 0.5 million gallons each day, while the well’s production accounted for less than 1% and use of the Inter-tie was about 8%. Usage from the well and the Intertie depends on the time of year, customer demand, and maintenance requirements.

If after reading this report, you have questions or would like more information, please call the Public Works Department at 541-929-3579. The employees of the Public Works Department are dedicated to excellent customer service and value your input.