Downtown Safety & Streetscape Improvements Project

The construction phase of the Philomath Downtown Safety & Streetscape Improvements project started November 28, 2022. This ODOT funded project, coordinated with the City of Philomath and other local partners, will improve roadway safety for pedestrians, cyclists, buses, cars and freight in the downtown corridor. Some of the proposed improvements include street reconstruction, improved striping for bike lanes, bus stops and parking, and ADA compliant street crossings. The results of the project will not only make the area safer and more functional, it will also revitalize the downtown area, promoting tourism and encouraging economic growth. The overall look of the downtown core will be improved including sidewalks, lighting, street furniture, landscaping and art.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why does the project include curb bulbs on some neighborhood side streets?

A: Curb bulbs—also called curb extensions or bulb outs—extend a section of sidewalk into the parking lane or edge of a wide travel lane. They shorten the distance for people crossing the street and improve visibility. Narrowing the roadway may help slow down drivers.

What challenges do they address?

  • Pedestrians spend a longer time in the street when crossings are wider.
  • Drivers sometimes have difficulty seeing pedestrians waiting to cross the street.
  • Cars tend to make faster turns at intersections with tight curb corners.

What is their purpose?

  • Shorten street crossing distance for pedestrians.
  • Make crosswalks more noticeable to drivers.
  • Narrowing street causes drivers to slowdown, while tightening the street corners reduces turning speeds for cars.
  • Improve visibility for pedestrians and drivers to see each other; prevent cars from parking to close to a crosswalk where they can obstruct sight lines. Bulbs widen the sidewalk, allowing more space for ADA-compliant curb ramps.

Examples of Curb Bulbs images of curb bulb examples

Contractor Schedules

Project schedules from the contractor, Corpac Construction Company, will be posted here as the City receives them. Please note that schedules are estimates and are subject to change.


Project Updates


Construction Plan 

Download the City's Construction Survival Guide here for comprehensive project information and tips on how to help your business survive and thrive during the project. 

What to Expect During Construction
Construction projects of this magnitude require a well planned schedule though it should be anticipated that schedules can change due to a variety of factors. The City and ODOT have worked together to ensure that construction has a manageable amount of impact on business owners and residents in the area. Our goal is to help businesses succeed during the construction process.

Transportation Management
The City/URA's consultants have worked closely with ODOT to develop Transportation Management Plan strategies which will be in place during the construction process.

Transportation Management Plan strategies include:

  • Lane Closures: The project will require temporary lanes closures.
  • Street Closures: Full street closures will be minimalized to the extent possible.
  • Traffic Delays: Some delays should be expected due to construction. Generally, night lane closures are preferred to limit delays to off-peak travel hours. Bike lane closures may also occur and will be detoured.
  • Pedestrian Access: Pedestrians will typically be detoured to the shortest accessible route around the construction area using existing sidewalk on the opposite side of the highway.
  • Vehicular Access: The contractor will be required to maintain private driveway access. While driveways are being re-constructed, access may be provided via an alternate route. Contractors should be available on-site to assist with access during construction hours.


Background & Timeline

The project started the construction phase in November of 2022 with an anticipated completion date of late summer 2024. A graphic history of the project timeline can be found here:

Downtown Safety and Streetscape Project History Infographic


Design Elements

The Streetscape Design Review Committee, and the Streetscape Public Art Ad-Hoc Committee compromised of local community members have been tasked with certain design decisions for the project. A series of public meetings were held for the Streetscape Design Review Committee at which the landscape design firm, Dougherty Landscape Architects, presented slideshows and compiled committee feedback. Elements of the project will include:

  • Curb extensions: traffic calming & reduced pedestrian crossing distance
  • Wider sidewalks (where feasible)
  • Construction of decorative and stormwater planters
  • Installation of decorative lighting fixtures, bike racks, an informational kiosk & benches
  • Art features including metal sidewalk inlays and art installations
  • Landscaping which will include native and drought tolerant species