Park Advisory Board

The Park Advisory Board is a community advisory board that provides recommendations to the Public Works Committee on park related matters, including implementation of the Park Master Plan. The Board meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the City Hall Council Chambers, 980 Applegate St., Philomath.

The Board organizes the summer Music in the Park series for the enjoyment of the community.


 2022 Parks & Trails Master Plan

Parks and Trails Master Plan

The City of Philomath Parks and Trails Master Plan (the Plan) provides a direction for the future of Philomath’s parks and recreation system. Built on community values and needs, this Plan presents the long-term vision and strategy for the future of parks, recreation facilities, and trails, focusing on needed improvements, resources and maintenance over the next ten years and beyond.

A Vision for the Future

The vision statement briefly describes  the future park and recreation system as desired by the community.
Philomath’s park and recreation system is essential to our city’s identity and our residents’ high quality of life. Our system of nearby parks, facilities, events and programs provides healthy, educational and fun opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, while supporting the local economy. Our safe, interconnected trail system links parks, community destinations and neighborhoods while also providing important linkages to neighboring communities and regional destinations.
Public spaces and natural areas make our community special, while people sustain our unique system. Our community prioritizes the protection of natural areas to keep our greenspaces, waterways and environment healthy for future generations. Our network of staff, partners, supporters, and volunteers helps maintain this system, while also ensuring communication and awareness of the range of opportunities and resources.

A Plan Shaped by the Community

The people of Philomath helped identify opportunities, needs and ideas for the parks and trails system. Information gathered from the following activities helped inform the vision and recommendations in the plan.

  • An online questionnaire was available to understand community needs and interests and received a total of 837 respondents.
  • There were interviews with community leaders, including the Frolic & Rodeo, the School District and the Park Advisory Board.
  • An online webinar helped identify priority improvements for the future.
  • A second online questionnaire also helped identify priorities, with a total of 60 respondents.
  • The City organized a series of decision-maker meetings with the City Council and Park Advisory Board to discuss community needs, potential projects and plan development.

Key Priorities

Based on the vision, goals and policies, the plan also provides a 10-year list of capital projects as well as  four future parks to serve future growth and several proposed trail alignments to improve connectivity across the city. Key priorities identified by the community include:

  • Replacing the skatepark at City Park;
  • Adding shade trees and other amenities to Flossie Overman Park;
  • Replacing the play area and improving ADA accessibility at Triangle Park;
  • Providing new and ADA accessible trail improvements at Marys River Park;
  • Addressing invasive vegetation at Reservoir Park; and
  • Completing Paul J Cochran Veteran’s Memorial Park .

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