Planning Department

Planning assistance can be provided by appointment or drop-in during regular City Hall Office Hours.

Submit completed forms to Planning Department at City Hall. All submittals must be submitted in hard copy (paper) format (three copies). Electronic files of materials as supplemental information may be submitted to Additional information regarding applications and procedures can be found at PMC 18.105.


All development or construction activity within the floodplain, whether is requires a building permit or not, is required to obtain a Floodplain Development Permit. This includes fill, accessory structures and fences. This is a free permit. All permit applications are available under the "Permits, Licenses & Forms" link.


Find Active Planning Applications here.




Floodplain Development Permit Application Free permit that must be submitted with all development or building activity within the flood plain.
Floodplain Resources City floodplain information services and other helpful floodplain resources
FEMA Flood Map Service Center Link to FEMA flood map, searchable by address.
State Wetlands Inventory Link to Oregon Dept. of State Lands State Wetlands Inventory and Local Wetlands Inventory
Zoning Code Link to Philomath Municipal Code. See Chapter 18: Zoning
Fences, Hedges & Walls This section of the Code includes a helpful diagram for use in planning a residential fence. Fences and walls located within the flood plain do require a Floodplain Development Permit.
Comprehensive Plan Amended through Ordinance #871, 11/14/2022